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Found (The Missing: Book 1)

      Things have been crazy around here the last two days. We've had the baby and Bailey (Bethany's dog) staying with us, and we've been gutting closets and shelves. But I finally have found a minute to write about the terrific new Margaret Peterson Haddix book that I finished on Monday.
     WOW! It was a page turner, and has every bit of the excitement, suspense and reality twists that we've come to expect from Haddix (Among the Hidden, etc.) The set-up is great. A plane appears out of thin air at an airport boarding gate; the cockpit is dark and deserted, there is no radio or radar contact, and there are no pilots aboard. But the plane does have 36 passengers: all babies! When the babies are removed from the plane, it simply vanishes. 
      In the very first chapter we are left with dozens of questions: Where did the plane come from? Who are these babies? Where were they suppose to be going? and the biggest mystery--Who sent them?
     Chapter two jumps forward in time 13 years where we meet two adopted teens who are destined to find the answers to all of those questions and eventually uncover a series of unfathomable secrets. 
      Fast pace action, clever, realistic characterization, and odd little mysteries begging for solutions throughout the story kept me glued to the book. I couldn't wait to find the answers. And now with an outrageous twist on the final page, I'm counting the days until the next one comes out.  Just like in the Shadow Children Series, Haddix has ingeniously created an alternate reality that rings true in the details. She couples that with young characters who are basically brave and clever, but who have enough flaws and self-concept issues to make their struggles and interactions seem real.
     I would recommend this book for Middle Readers (grades 5-8) and anyone who has enjoyed other Haddix books. I'm sure this book is going to be an instant hit in my classroom library.



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